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Why do I need a case for my iPad?

So you’ve made the splash, bought yourself a brand spanking new iPad or iPad 2. Then….. oh no!! Fingerprints everywhere!!  Even worse…… it slipped out of my hand!!
So here the Top 5 Reasons You NEED a case for your iPad or iPad 2;


1. Protection.

Your new Apple gizmo is a lovely size and weight, but the sleek finish can sometimes slip from your fingers… disaster!!

2. Cleanliness

The screen and body of the iPad and iPad 2 can get quite messy looking with fingerprints everywhere. Also as its handy to use anywhere, dont be surprised if bits of tea/coffee or lunch end up on it!!

3. Stand

Watching a movie or YouTube videos? Stand your iPad upright for a great viewing angle. Chatting on Facebook or writing blog posts is a breeze too with the lower, slightly raised position most cases utilise also.

4. Comfort

The feel of warm leather of soft plastic is much nicer to the touch than the standard finish on the iPad. More grip too!!

5. Family!!

Kids + iPad can = mayhem!! Whether its Angry Birds, kids websites or some of the great Apps available, the iPad will be in demand will all the family, especially the younger members!! Little fingers can be careless though, a stylish and functional case can save groundings and naughty steps a-plenty!!

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