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iPad Air 3 Release Date 2017

As usual, Apple is expected to give the iPad Air a minor refresh in the coming months. The annual update is no surprise, however Apple is keeping the release date a secret for the moment.

iPad is really the only tablet worth talking about these days. The tablet market has stagnated in recent years with larger screen phones becoming the norm. Indeed Apple’s own iPhone 7 Plus is likely taking sales away from its’ tablet division, however this is a necessary strategy. Android has many fine large screen yet pocketable phones and Apple needs to keep pace.

The iPad though, for all the changes going on around it in terms of phone screen sizes, remains a solid seller. The form factor hasn’t changed hugely since it’s debut, yet it remains an almost timeless design. Screen size on the Air hits a sweet spot for the general consumer and it is powerful enough to handle some tasks where the larger screen is of benefit.

With an unrivalled range of tablet accessories including some excellent cases and keyboards, the iPad Air will continue to be the top dog in the tablet world.

So when is iPad Air 3 coming out? It will likely be announced at the Spring Apple Event at the end of March. We are not expecting anything revolutionary from Apple; the iPad Air will be faster, lighter and perhaps feature force touch. Don’t expect a price drop either; Apple places a value on their products and in general will not budge; premium prices for premium products. We expect the iPad Air 3 to be another solid addition to a fine tablet range from Apple .